Conversations in Leadership with Bob Kaplan

bobkaplanIt’s human nature to stick with what you’re good at, but is that the best approach for organizational leadership? Bringing with him decades of experience consulting senior management and with an arsenal of data captured from his leadership assessment program, Robert Kaplan warns leaders of the dangers of overplaying their strengths turning them into weaknesses. Join Kaplan as he puts real-life context behind the research to help you maximize your strengths without overdoing it.

About Bob Kaplan
Bob Kaplan’s has co-authored four books and numerous articles in major business publications, consistently taking a research-driven approach to helping senior leaders grapple with their internal and external challenges. Kaplan is an honorary senior fellow at the Center for Creative Leadership with a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Yale University.

About the Host
Shawn Hunter is author of Out•Think: How Innovative Leaders Drive Exceptional Outcomes (August, 2013) and is Executive Producer and VP of Skillsoft Leadership Development Channel™ and 50 Lessons™.

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