Conversations in Leadership with Nicole Bendaly

Nicole-PhotoConsidered the perfect companion to your leadership training program, Improving Healthcare Team Performance is a practical handbook that provides the knowledge, tools and techniques required to develop a single team, or to develop an organization-wide, team-based culture from which exceptional patient care emerges.

In this webinar, Bendaly shows you:

  • How to define what constitutes a high-performing, patient-focused team
  • Guidance on the common healthcare leadership challenges of low morale, poor communication and interpersonal conflict
  • Examples of targeted solutions you may be able to start deploying
  • Recommendations for how you can affect change at every level of the organization

Nicole Bendaly
Nicole is an author and President of Kinect, a firm that has been helping organizations around the world to bring out the best of their people for over 25 years. Nicole’s research in organizational behaviour began almost 15 years ago and she now focuses her research on understanding the factors critical to high performance teams and leaders. She applies her knowledge and experience to the development of learning solutions and assessment tools, a number of which are being used in over 200 organizations across North America to successfully change how people work together for the better. Nicole is a dynamic speaker and facilitator on various topics impacting organizational performance, all of which help people to tap into the best of themselves and those they work with.

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