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Recent Kind Words…

“Engrossing and compelling. Shawn shows how anyone can step up and quietly take the lead with small, intentional acts each day.”

Susan Cain
Susan Cainco-founder of Quiet Revolution and New York Times bestselling author of QUIET

“Hunter has done the nearly impossible—he has created a business book that is simultaneously wise, insightful and incredibly enjoyable to read. Buy it now, Read it and reap the rewards.”

Hap Klopp
Hap KloppFounder of The North Face

“Collaborating with Shawn is a complete joy! He brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and ideas, but it is really his creativity, flexibility and willingness to create a solution that fits the needs of the company that sets him apart from others in his field. His presentation on empowerment was engaging, fun and very practical. To summarize, one participant shared: ‘Gave me a new perspective on what empowering employees really means.'”

Michelle Braden
Michelle BradenVP, Global Talent Development at WEX, Inc.

“Shawn is a total rock star! He was so great, and his onstage presence was awesome and engaging. He really shined. You could tell the difference in caring and approach. Shawn rocks.”

Janet Lahlou
Janet LahlouHR Director, NTT Data

“Small Acts of Leadership is a terrific and enjoyable read. It dispels the notion that great leadership is something bestowed upon people at birth. This book demonstrates that grit and perseverance combined with a willingness to learn are keys to taking one’s leadership to another level.”

Tom DiDonato
Tom DiDonatoSVP Human Resources, Lear Corporation

“Shawn pulls his audience into an exciting and compelling story about this new era of leadership. His model of “Actionable Leadership” weaves together a variety of new and emerging perspectives, studies and personal observations from his years interviewing business leaders, thought leaders and academicians. Shawn brings truly infectious passion, energy and humor to this topic!”

Cathy Doiron
Cathy DoironDirector, Global Talent Labs, Starbucks

“Shawn, thank you for the terrific session with our Employee Engagement leadership team! The dialogue was candid and we walked away with many practical tips for changes we can make to have a bigger impact. Going through the exercises brought the team closer together. I imagine you’ll be getting plenty of calls from my colleagues to come out and speak with their teams.”

DirectorGlobal Employee Engagement for a Fortune 200 Company

“Shawn’s new book pops with brave energy and honesty. Crisp, taut writing combined with clear actionable ideas, Small Acts of Leadership is one of the best business reads of the year.”

Marshall Goldsmith
Marshall GoldsmithThinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

“What if you had a trusted mentor and friend who was there to guide and support you on your leadership path? That’s what Shawn Hunter provides in Small Acts of Leadership. A gifted observer and story teller, Shawn shares how small mindful acts and clear intention can make the difference for you not just as a leader, but as a person.”

Scott Eblin
Scott EblinAuthor of Overworked and Overwhelmed, The Mindfulness Alternative

“Innovation potential is everywhere throughout organizations. Shawn has given us the leadership mindset and the tools to bring it to life. Shawn shows you how to institutionalize the habits of innovation.”

Jeff Joerres
Jeff JoerresChairman and CEO ManpowerGroup

“This is more than a book. It’s a blueprint, drawn with clear and quiet brilliance, for building agile leaders who will thrive in this rapidly changing world. Shawn Hunter gives us a fresh way to think about crucial questions of leadership, creativity, and innovation, along with concrete, useful advice. My advice to you? Start reading, now.”

Daniel Coyle
Daniel CoyleAuthor, The Culture Code

“Shawn brings the art of innovation near everyone, underlining the practical and making the quest within the reach of leadership.”

Prof. Liisa Valikangas
Prof. Liisa ValikangasAuthor of The Resilient Organization

“If you’re in business, chances are that you and your organization could use some solid insights into innovation. Shawn Hunter provides a great variety of tools and resources you can put into practice right away and that will help you plant the seeds for future successes.”

Shawn Achor
Shawn AchorAuthor, The Happiness Advantage

“Shawn Hunter absolutely nails it with his new book Out Think. If you care about punching up innovation in your organization, you will find your answers in these pages. In today’s world, innovative leaders make the difference in the performance of their companies. Shawn will give you the tools to become one.”

Howard Behar
Howard BeharFormer President of Starbucks

“Humans, over the next forty years, will redefine the rules of societal engagement because of innovations that would influence their intellect, behavior and the physical being. Shawn prods you in a direction to lead and innovate where convergence and collaboration become important.”

Venkatesh Valluri
Venkatesh ValluriPresident, Ingersoll Rand – India

“It was an honor for us to have Shawn keynote our annual conference. He succeeds in being at once insightful, relevant, witty, and interesting. Not many people are so thoughtful yet also practical. A triumph!”

Louis Biggie
Louis BiggieDirector of Learning, Johns Hopkins University

“Shawn is a wakeup call to any leader to embrace their team and create an environment that drives innovation. We had the pleasure to have Shawn speak, and work with a group of our leaders for a half-day at our global annual meeting. His engaging style is refreshing and feels as if you are having a conversation with a neighbor. He is not a “talking head” but an captivating and practical speaker who grabs the audience and keeps them hooked.”

Jim Hackbarth
Jim HackbarthPresident & CEO, Assurex Global

“This is Shawn Hunter at his very best. All grit and courage…telling stories that hit home, ring true, and point the way to a better you. This is a must-have toolbox for every manager.”

John Ambrose
John AmbroseFormer President and General Manager, SumTotal

“Shawn Hunter teaches us how to develop the mindset necessary to run an innovative organization. Through his interviews with experts around the world, he is able to present state-of-the-art thinking on leadership and innovation. The book is filled with highly relevant examples and practical advice.”

Jill Klein, Ph.D.
Jill Klein, Ph.D.Professor of Management, Melbourne Business School

“Shawn Hunter has the innate gift of being able to decipher conversations and link insights meaningfully to unveil profound wisdom. Out Think is a must-read for all those who want to create their own personal armoury of insights, ideas and stories for bringing innovation and purpose to their leadership.”

Sujaya Banerjee
Sujaya BanerjeeChief Talent Officer, Essar Investments Limited

“A timely and important book. Out Think is a top-notch distillation of ideas to help you build and apply powerful new leadership skills in your organization.”

Garry Ridge
Garry RidgePresident and CEO of WD-40 Company

“It was fantastic to have Shawn work with our organization. His content and ideas are cutting-edge, engaging, and most importantly, applicable. He had the best reviews of all guest speakers we have had this year. Everyone remarked on how well prepared, passionate, and interactive the event was. I absolutely recommend a chance to work with him.”

Jennifer O’Brien
Jennifer O’BrienPresident of Canadian Community of Corporate Educators

“Shawn was great to work with! He listened intently to what we were looking for and delivered an insightful and engaging presentation that got more positive feedback than any other workshop for the entire event! Shawn’s humility, vast knowledge of leadership traits and colorful stories, make for a profound learning experience.”

Paul Reevs
Paul ReevsDirector of Organizational Development, Eco-Logic Management Inc.

“Your presentation today on leadership was one of the best I’ve heard in a long long time. You blended story, research, metrics, and real-world application seamlessly.”

Annette Wellinghoff
Annette WellinghoffVice President, HR at Great-West Financial

Speaking & Consulting

Hello! I speak and consult at companies and conferences on the intersection of leadership, culture and innovation. For each keynote, workshop or interaction, I will conduct interviews with you and your colleagues to shape the message. Then I will submit a detailed outline of my proposed talk for us to agree on.

For every event, you can definitely expect:

  • Provocative and contemporary evidence-based insights from researchers and leadership practices around the world. I have been interviewing leaders, executives and researchers for 20 years.
  • Memorable, fun, interactive, and engaging content. The content not only needs to be insightful, it needs to be uplifting and engaging.
  • Hard-hitting, pragmatic, actionable ideas people can put to work immediately. After an event, we often create and deliver actionable follow-up content to scale the ideas and make change happen.

I believe that every audience participant should walk away with not only a higher awareness of the effective traits of leadership and innovative cultures, but also a simple plan of action to put these ideas to work.

All presentations are tailored for individual contributor audiences, emerging leaders, middle managers, and top executive workshops.

To inquire about hosting me for an event or meeting, just ask:
Email: shawn@mindscaling.com
Phone: 207-749-4141

Popular Presentations and Workshop Topics

Human to Human: The Source Code of High Performing Teams

In this presentation Shawn Hunter shares the secrets of top performing teams, and the key behaviors of those leaders who know how to bring out the best in everyone. Team excellence doesn’t start with trust. It starts with vulnerability, gratitude and compassion for others.

Grit, tenacity, and perseverance are the leadership traits everyone is striving for. But where does it comes from? It turns out that gratitude, compassion, and vulnerability are the source code of the grit everyone is talking about. Stop life-hacking your personal and professional leadership through habit tricks, and start building the foundation of positive change through gratitude and compassion for others.

Small Acts of Leadership: Intentional Behaviors to Big Impact

Based on Shawn’s bestselling book, this presentation will describe how we can thrive-not simply survive-in this accelerating economy, by adopting small, intentional behaviors and practice them each day. From simply taking care of our rest and exercise to building our self-confidence and embracing challenges, author Shawn Hunter’s latest book Small Acts of Leadership will guide you through a series of incremental steps you can take to build a stronger version of yourself and make a broader impact in the world.

This presentation and workshop provides clear research and practical steps leaders at all levels can take to elevate themselves and those around them. Afterwards, your group will have compelling ideas and clear, actionable steps to change themselves and lead those around them.

Ask Better Questions – Accelerate Your Innovation

Learn to ask more powerful questions, and learn how to innovate with greater success by mastering the effective tools and techniques provided in this informative presentation. This presentation will challenge you to understand that your expertise may be getting in your way, the importance of diversity in innovation, how to borrow brilliance, and defy convention.

This presentation features interactive and engaging lessons designed to help you innovate like never before. These lessons will inspire you to initiate new and innovative work within your team and organization

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For us to thrive—not simply survive—in this accelerating economy, we need to adopt small, intentional behaviors and practice them each day. From simply taking care of our rest and exercise to building our self-confidence and embracing challenges, author Shawn Hunter’s latest book Small Acts of Leadership will guide you through a series of incremental steps you can take to build a stronger version of yourself and make a broader impact in the world.



We’ve entered a new era. Call it the age of imagination, ideation, conceptualization, creativity, innovation—take your pick. Creativity, mental flexibility, and collaboration have displaced one-dimensional intelligence and isolated determination as core ingredients of competitive advantage.



An Adventure of Three Fathers and Four Teenagers Bicycling Across America

Over the summer of 2017, three dads and their four teenagers bicycled over 4000 miles from Seattle to Yarmouth, Maine. This is their adventure.

If we want our kids to possess humility, perseverance, wonder, awe, problem-solving, and gratitude, then we should create an adventure that requires us to persevere through something difficult, solve real problems out in the world, and be filled with awe and wonder and splendid sights. And we should accomplish this by ourselves, in unfamiliar and often challenging parts of the country, far from help.

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