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“Shawn, thank you for the terrific session with our Employee Engagement leadership team! The dialogue was candid and we walked away with many practical tips for changes we can make to have a bigger impact. Going through the exercises brought the team closer together. And the personal stories and photos from your cycling trip were a big hit!

I enjoyed meeting with you throughout the preparation process and will stay in touch. I imagine you’ll be getting plenty of calls from my colleagues to come out and speak with their teams.”

Director, Global Employee Engagement for a Fortune 200 Company

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Small Acts of Leadership

For us to thrive—not simply survive—in this accelerating economy, we need to adopt small, intentional behaviors and practice them each day. From simply taking care of our rest and exercise to building our self-confidence and embracing challenges, author Shawn Hunter’s latest book Small Acts of Leadership will guide you through a series of incremental steps you can take to build a stronger version of yourself and make a broader impact in the world.

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You Don’t Want What You Think You Want

It’s a straightforward question, “What do you want?” And depending on the situation, time of day, who we are with, etc. the answer can...
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The Hardest Part is Starting

Last summer a couple friends and I took our teenage kids and cycled across the United States from Seattle to Portland, Maine, and I...
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What’s Your Habit Trigger?

“In a nutshell, advice is overrated. I can tell you something, and it’s got a limited chance of making its way into your brain’s...
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