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“Shawn Hunter presents actionable strategies for leaders to spark collaborative, innovative thinking within their organizations and tailor it to their needs—just what we need in times like these.” Matthew E. May, author of The Laws of Subtraction and The Elegant Solution

“If you’re in business, chances are that you and your organization could use some solid insights into innovation. Out Think provides a great variety of tools and resources you can put into practice right away and that will help you plant the seeds for future successes.” Shawn Achor, Founder and CEO of Good Think, author of The Happiness Advantage

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We’ve entered a new era. Call it the age of imagination, ideation, conceptualization, creativity, innovation—take your pick. Creativity, mental flexibility, and collaboration have displaced one-dimensional intelligence and isolated determination as core ingredients of competitive advantage.

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Thinking in another dimension

Every year the musician Peter Mulvey looks forward to spending time sharing his music at the National Youth Science Camp in West Virginia. And...
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The Innovative Leader: Finding + Seeing + Leading

A short excerpt from Out•Think – enjoy! Innovation doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes it’s as simple as designing the shampoo bottle so it...
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Hacking the Super You

Over the years, my friend Erich and I have probably logged thousands of miles cycling together. In all conditions – cold, wet, early, or...
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