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Beware your first decisions of 2009!

It’s the first week of January and customary for us to make new or renewed vows.  Before you do, consider this advice: Once you decide something – anything really – it sets a precedent for yourself and you are quite likely to repeat that decision regardless of the quality of the choice.  Recently we filmed…

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Start your Stop Doing List

Habit is a hard thing to break and some habits are good, but like Spencer Johnson’s parable Who Moved My Cheese, it’s Hem who keeps looking in the same place for the cheese which has, of course, moved… Someone close to me has stopped after years (and years!) of smoking.  The biggest challenge I’ve learned…

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Seizing Opportunities

Robert Kotick was an academically dis-interested college sophmore when, on a lark, went to a charity ball. He met Steve Wynn. You have to hear him tell it. Bob Kotick is an incredibly self-effacing guy running one of the coolest companies in the world. He has made Activision a fun, cutting-edge gaming software company and…

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