Tom Kelley on Innovation Hurdlers

tom_kelley_half.jpgDid you know Olympic hurdlers cover the same distance as sprinters in nearly the same time? Hurdlers train and anticipate hurdles (obstacles) with nearly the same speed and ability as those who confront no challenges in their path. An Innovation Hurdler is someone who anticipates there will be myriad challenges yet has the mindset to overcome, ignore, and/or reconcile the obstacle to remain focused on the journey to a achieve a specific goal. And did you know WD-40 stands for Water Displacement #40. Successful innovation takes persistance. Got it on the 40th try. These are but a few of The Ten Faces of Innovation.

We had a ball collaborating with Tom Kelley on these QuickTalks and many others. As the President of Ideo, a premiere innovation and creativity group in San Francisco, Tom Kelley engages in all varieties of challenges and hurdles to aid clients in developing next generation products and services.

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