Artfully Placed Question is a defining element of executive intelligence

justin_menkes.jpgSometimes a provocative question can be a more powerful change agent than a definitive answer. When Andrea Jung took the helm of Avon, their products were languishing in the market and more often regarded as out-dated cosmetics only your grandmother would wear. Andrea knew instinctively that a key component to a successful turnaround would involve taking the product up-market, and building new and exciting colors, products, packaging to target younger hip buyers. At a town hall meeting of Avon Ladies, while her executive marketing team delivered this grand vision before hundreds of their top salespeople, Andrea looked out and saw astonishment, despair and resentment cascading through the room, and she stopped the presentation.

She stood and asked simply, “How many of you use Avon products now?” While the audience looked slowly around the room to find very few raised hands, a realization grew in that moment that systemic change was necessary to transform Avon into a globally competitive cutting edge industry leader. A collective understanding permeated the company, and galvanized the field population to be leading change catalysts for a new dynamic product and future for Avon. This is an example of Executive Intelligence. If you have access, please join us for this and other insights when Justin Menkes presents live and interactive by webcast to organizations globally on Oct 16!