Yes you are in sales!

tom_peters.jpgI know – you work in engineering, or marketing, or IT, or maybe in finance, but you are still in sales. Sure maybe you can write fantastic code – but if no one know this you may find yourself in professional Siberia. And if you think you’re not in sales, your days are numbered. In every nook and cranny of business today there are opportunities to evangelize your capabilities and expertise to drive energy and business – to your business. And think you don’t have a business presence? Think again, because every interaction you have is another opportunity to be completely present and focused, and excel with whomever you are working with. As Gareth Jones says, “Whether you are cleaning the BBQ grill or managing an intricate acquisition project, perform every task with excellence.”

And who knows Excellence better than Tom Peters? He knows better than anyone that in the end, everyone is in sales. Enjoy!