Five Strategies for Accelerated Learning

HRInsights_NovDec2013Bobby Brown is one of the few freestyle skiers on the planet who can execute a switch double misty 1440, a fantastic move that entails skiing backwards off a ramp, spinning sideways in the air three times while holding one ski, and landing backwards. It’s an astonishing feat to watch—and a maneuver that was totally unheard of only a few years ago.

But this remarkable stunt didn’t spontaneously emerge from Brown’s skis just at that moment. Like everyone else, Brown started on the bunny slope. He began with small jumps and worked up to flipping on trampolines, leaping onto airbags, and jumping into water. After years of work, he finally had the skill to perform a switch double misty 1440.

Brown’s amazing feat is just one example of the power of practice when learning new skills. No one becomes an expert in a field overnight. Consistent—yet varied—situational practice builds both the skillset (ability) and mindset (belief) to foster innovative new capacities. Both individuals and organizations can reap the rewards of practice, and HR managers would do well to give careful thought to how to incorporate practice and learning better in their training programs.

Here are a few techniques companies can use to introduce and promote such accelerated learning among employees…[To read the full article in November HR Insights click here!]