Small Acts of Leadership: 12 Intentional Behaviors that Lead to Big Impact

Leadership is accessible to anyone. Leadership is an act of kindness. Leadership is listening intently. Leadership is taking action when everyone is scared. Leadership is showing gratitude to those around you. Leadership is lifting people up

In work today, there is no offline and there is no downtime. Professionals are both exhausted and depleted. Being constantly tethered to our work through technology makes us overwhelmed and shortsighted, and deprives us of time for meaningful reflection or thoughtful connection to our professional communities, and often even to our own families.

For us to thrive—not simply survive—in this accelerating economy, we need to adopt small, intentional behaviors and practice them each day. From simply taking care of our rest and exercise to building our self-confidence and embracing challenges, author Shawn Hunter’s latest book Small Acts of Leadership will guide you through a series of incremental steps you can take to build a stronger version of yourself and make a broader impact in the world.

Weaving in personal life stories and meaningful interviews with business leaders around the world, Hunter presents the reader with twelve critical competencies that are consistently present in the daily behaviors of today’s most successful leaders.

Praise for Small Acts of Leadership

“Engrossing and compelling. Shawn shows how anyone can step up and quietly take the lead with small, intentional acts each day.” Susan Cain, co-founder of Quiet Revolution and New York Times bestselling author of QUIET

“Hunter has done the nearly impossible—he has created a business book that is simultaneously wise, insightful and incredibly enjoyable to read. Buy it now, Read it and reap the rewards.” Hap Klopp, Founder of The North Face, and bestselling author of ALMOST

“Small Acts of Leadership is a terrific and enjoyable read. It dispels the notion that great leadership is something bestowed upon people at birth. This book demonstrates that grit and perseverance combined with a willingness to learn are keys to taking one’s leadership to another level. Reading this book and applying its principles will make the reader a better leader, reading it twice might just help to make the reader a transformational leader!” Tom DiDonato, SVP Human Resources, Lear Corporation

“What if you had a trusted mentor and friend who was there to guide and support you on your leadership path? That’s what Shawn Hunter provides in Small Acts of Leadership. A gifted observer and story teller, Shawn shares how small mindful acts and clear intention can make the difference for you not just as a leader, but as a person.” Scott Eblin, author of Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative

“This is Shawn Hunter at his very best. All grit and courage…telling stories that hit home, ring true, and point the way to a better you. This is a must-have toolbox for every manager.” John Ambrose, General Manager, SumTotal (a Skillsoft Company)

“Shawn’s new book pops with brave energy and honesty. Crisp, taut writing combined with clear actionable ideas, Small Acts of Leadership is one of the best business reads of the year.” Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

“Shawn delivers a wealth of knowledge in his new book. Key ideas from business and psychology literature are expertly distilled by Shawn into a concise, thoughtful and engaging narrative, allowing business leaders to read about recent and critical new research. Shawn draws upon his vast experience of working with business leaders to provide relevant and entertaining examples to show how new ideas from the book can be applied in real business situations. As a business school professor. I teach executives all over the world. I definitely recommend they read Small Acts of Leadership.” Jill Klein, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing, Melbourne Business School

“Every day we are confronted by complexity and urgency which leave us feeling we have no control over our own lives. Shawn Hunter’s new book shows us that a few simple actions which we can all start now will help us take control and help us reach our full potential. Clarity, simplicity and real world examples of success provide a high impact solution to the challenges of the modern world or work.” Chris Roebuck Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership, Cass Business School, London

“"Shawn, thank you for the terrific session with our Employee Engagement leadership team! The dialogue was candid and we walked away with many practical tips for changes we can make to have a bigger impact. Going through the exercises brought the team closer together. And the personal stories and photos from your cycling trip were a big hit! I enjoyed meeting with you throughout the preparation process and will stay in touch. I imagine you’ll be getting plenty of calls from my colleagues to come out and speak with their teams."” Director, Global Employee Engagement for a Fortune 200 Company