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Learnerprise – Beyond Neologism to Collective Understanding

New Research Shows Corporate Training Budgets Are Misaligned Although 64% of Learning Executives Believe Informal Learning Approaches Have Higher Impact, More Than Two-Thirds of Corporate Training Budgets Are Spent on Traditional Formal Training – Bersin & Associates Props to Dan Pontefract who pretty much inspired this whole post about the mashup of Andy McAfee’s Enterprise…

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Step Up Change Agents

Dream well. You may find yourself there. -Neal Bushoven “Companies are people” is a popular expression to celebrate that the engine of a company is the people who work there, and it’s success or failure is built on the collaborative, innovative and actionable power of those people.  But remember, a Company is a kind of…

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Conceptual Learning is Beautiful, Unique and Meaningful

Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, recognized the role of conceptual output as early as 1997 in a speech at the University of Connecticut when he said “The growth of the conceptual component of output has brought with it accelerating demands for workers who are equipped not simply with technical know-how, but…

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