Always be opening

michael_port2.jpgABC – always be closing. If you’re in sales, you’ve heard that numerous times, most famously maybe from Glengarry Glen Ross. Unless you’re selling lemonade on the street corner – and even if – this is no way to go about building relationships of integrity that will sustain. The most powerful way to build business relationships is to approach with openness and sincere interest in providing constructive solutions that can aid or help or support whomever you are interacting with. Michael Port learned this long ago and has been providing this message of generosity in business to build sustainable relationships for some time now. This is an important mental orientation to start with, but it’s not enough. Once you understand how to listen clearly and collaboratively help solve your customers’ business problems, then you need to get focused on identifying and collaborating with only those organizations and customers who truly allow you to do your best work – that allow you to shine. Here Michael explains what he means by the Red Velvet Rope Policy. Enjoy!