“Not enough” is all in your head

tim_sanders_half.jpgJust the other day I had an encounter with a provider telling me there isn’t enough money and we can’t possibly accomplish a business task because we simply don’t have the resources. Better ask someone else in the organization to pony up the cash. We huddled and solved it another way – and it wasn’t that hard. How often have you worked tirelessly to deliver a promise to a key customer or stakeholder only to encounter the coalition of the unwilling in your own organization? The Chicken Littles may try to convince you there aren’t enough customers to go around, or the headcount just isn’t there to deliver, or the budget can’t possibly support an initiative.

Tim Sanders believes it’s all in your head. By focusing on what you don’t have it can become tremendously difficult to recognize everything you can do. Remember ‘necessity of the mother of invention’? If you invert your thinking to recognize an abundance of resources and talent are available, you can accomplish most anything reasonably proposed.