Building a change initiative

john_kotter.jpgMany managers spend considerable amounts of time and energy to co-opt whole populations across teams to build consensus for a change initiative. We can spend enormous amounts of energy trying to pull all parties into the tent, working to ensure that as many people at all levels of the organization are on board. Of course there will be detractors – those who nay say, or object in either public or passive manners. So you think you just need to spend a little extra time and energy explaining the benefits, or appealing to their ego, or sense of power acquisition and you believe you simply need to get them vested in the process. You think by offering a key position on the steering committee, you’ll finally gain their buy-in.

According to John Kotter, if the person has enough conviction in their opposition to the change initiative, it’s not worth it. Get them out of the way through distraction or dis-involvement. Because ultimately these saboteurs can do more damage inside a change initiative and are highly unlikely to turn-around their thinking and support. Good luck!