LottaGuru Highlight Reel

We had a fun time constructing this demo reel to highlight some of the business gurus and leaders we have interviewed on the core behavioral change goals for many organizations.  Only bummer is that of the over two hundred speakers who have contributed ideas, I could only select less than a dozen insights to keep the video a  manageable size.  On Leadership I picked Jim Kouzes‘ definition of leadership and Howard Behar on the power of giving trust.  For Effectiveness and Execution we chose our favorite counter-culture guru Jonas Ridderstrale talking about the importance of weirdos in your organization and Anne Mulcahy stressing the value of failing early and often.

For Change Management we had to select John Kotter talking about how to develop a sense of urgency, coupled with Jeff Immelt describing how they identified the characteristics of the leading innovative companies.  And finally for Strategy and Innovation we selected a clip of Michael Treacy defining Innovation, Brad Anderson describing how they innovated the sales process at Best Buy and closed with Chip Heath talking about how sometimes it’s best to find a metaphorical box to think inside of, in order to drive innovation that can be successfully implemented.  What fun – we have so many great speakers to share I might need to make another one soon.  Enjoy!