Between Not Doing and Doing is an act of bravery

superhero“Annie, Fynn sees through your eyes.”

“What?” says my seven year old daughter Annie.

“When you are leading a horse, you need to actually lead. Fynn sees through your eyes. So, when you call him to follow, you need to look where you’re going and lead him down the path, at your speed, not his. When you turn and look at Fynn, all Fynn sees is himself. He needs to see where you want to go.”

Little Annie learned to lead a horse by confidently looking forward where she wanted to go and asking Fynn to follow. And so a thousand pound horse named Fynn followed my daughter down a path through the woods.

At the intersection of what you have never done, and what comes naturally, is an act of bravery. This is the cusp, the edge, the apex of valor and daring. To cross the divide from Not Doing to Doing, takes courage. This is the essence of bravery. Here it is in action: