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Change is a constituency of One

In 2004 Jeffrey Immelt went before his top executives at GE and said the company was going to drive a big environmental initiative – in renewable energy sources, in global emmissions reduction, in environmentally sound business practices and much more. The majority of his executives looked at him like he was nuts. According to Wikipedia: […]

Ever seen the bottom of your in-box?

Mid to senior-level executives have an astonishing amount of STUFF thrown at them every day and it can take as much as 90 minutes every day just to identify and categorize the work to be done. Let alone actually get it done. In the knowledge economy, new skills are needed to accurately process the constant […]

Seizing Opportunities

Robert Kotick was an academically dis-interested college sophmore when, on a lark, went to a charity ball. He met Steve Wynn. You have to hear him tell it. Bob Kotick is an incredibly self-effacing guy running one of the coolest companies in the world. He has made Activision a fun, cutting-edge gaming software company and […]

Tom Kelley on Innovation Hurdlers

Did you know Olympic hurdlers cover the same distance as sprinters in nearly the same time? Hurdlers train and anticipate hurdles (obstacles) with nearly the same speed and ability as those who confront no challenges in their path. An Innovation Hurdler is someone who anticipates there will be myriad challenges yet has the mindset to […]

Oren Harari Breaks From the Pack

It was a marvelous privilege to spend the morning filming Oren Harari, Ph.D. where he teaches at the beautiful campus of The University of San Francisco. He has both rich contemporary business acumen and the ability to speak in the vernacular that resonates from Gen Y to the Boomers sitting in the executive suite of […]

Marshall Goldsmith Live June 26: Life is good!

Our live interactive webcast on June 26 with Marshall Goldsmith was a fantastic success! We broadcast this event live and interactive to organizations internationally by webcast, satellite and videoconference and the response thus far has been universally positive. He covered material based on his new best-selling book What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, […]

Email is a reflection and email is forever.

Have an email pet peeve? Maybe reckless ‘reply-to-all’? Or someone who forwards a personal or sensitive email without your permission? Tim Sanders believes employees shouldn’t even be issued formal corporate email addresses until they have been through some education on etiquette and email management because the quality of your email correspondence is a reflection of […]

Scott Eblin takes us to The Next Level

Do you know what it takes to be successful in the executive suite? What separates successful executives from those that don’t make it? We we lucky enough to get an hour with author Scott Eblin to film a series of QuickTalks focusing on the evidence-driven ideas from his new book. The Next Level: What Insiders […]