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Always be opening

ABC – always be closing. If you’re in sales, you’ve heard that numerous times, most famously maybe from Glengarry Glen Ross. Unless you’re selling lemonade on the street corner – and even if – this is no way to go about building relationships of integrity that will sustain. The most powerful way to build business […]

Coaching: It’s not about you

Effective coaching isn’t complicated, and mostly it isn’t about you. According to Marshall Goldsmith, the key to effective coaching is more about asking the right questions than providing answers. Since people only change if they want to, the most valuable thing you can do as a leader is to pose the right kinds of questions […]

Face the customer, not the CEO

We’re producing a live, interactive event on Feb 26th with Jonas Ridderstråle and I can’t wait. Yesterday I peeked at his slide deck and he’s got this killer quote: “Hierarchy is an organization with its face to the CEO and its ass to the customer.” Some attribute this to Jonas Ridderstråle and Kjell Nordström’s book, […]

LDC Reviewed by TMR and Bersin

Recently the Leadership Development Channel has been reviewed by Training Media Review and Bersin Research and we’ve been picking up some major kudos from the industry. We don’t want to over emphasize how great this video learning service is, but we thought it was cool enough to mention here in our journal. Bersin was kind […]

The Journey to Authentic Leadership

When Bill George was conducting research and interviews for his book, True North, he sat down with Howard Schultz who tells a compelling story of how, as a child, he watched his father get fired and abused by company after company. He promised himself that if he ever had the opportunity he would build a […]

Are you a Bottle Rocket?

I ripped through Vince Poscente‘s The Age of Speed in probably about the time it was intended to be read – an airplane ride. He had a fun chapter on those kinetic new-age knowledge working noise-makers, or what he calls “bottle rockets.” You know them – these are people who embrace speed over substance. Bottle […]

Ignite Your Team

Lynda Gratton describes a Hotspot as an environment full of energy, passion and creativity – and there are three defining elements which converge to create Hotspots. First, you need an environment of collaboration, not competition. This is a workplace where people engage collaboratively and openly. Next you need to have people working across departments, organizations, […]

It’s later than you think

If you are just starting to become aware of some cool new productivity gizmo, some slick marketing tool, or perhaps a cutting edge virtual collaboration application to adhere your team projects, then you can bet your partners and competitors are already using it. So then you think you just need to figure a better way […]

Crowdsource Your Business

What in the world does it mean to “crowd-source” business functions? Apple creates collaborative online environments where users can contribute ideas and refine the iPhone, as well as Apple’s support processes. Procter and Gamble applied the same concept to their line of detergents and assembled an interactive forum in which their customers could help shape […]

Jeffrey Pfeffer on Creating Performance Culture

Talent retention equals customer retention. It’s that simple. To ensure that your customers continue to support the products and services your organization offers, the first thing you need to do as a leader in your organization is to create an atmosphere where talented people can thrive and want to stay. Because when your talent stays, […]