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Know Thy Customer

Last week we spent two days in NYC Times Square filming CEOs at the Business Today conference – what an incredible opportunity.  We filmed Ron Meyer, CEO of Universal Studios, Peter Georgescu, Chairman Emeritus of Young & Rubicam, Paul Stebbins, CEO of World Fuel Services, among others and we were immediately impressed by one consistent […]

The rest of the story…

This blog is almost entirely about our filming activities for the Leadership Development Channel, but since I posted in August about our aging, beloved family black lab suffering from seizures, more people have asked me about her than almost anything else I write here.  So here’s the rest of the story. Shortly after I wrote, […]

Stay true to your identity

Yesterday we had the fortune of producing a live, interactive event with Pat Lencioni and Colleen Barrett, recently retired and President Emeritus of Southwest Airlines (although by her own admission she is having a hard time backing off from being involved in day to day operations.)  Colleen was a joy to work with – generous […]

Your Carbon Strategy is a Market Opportunity

We recently had the opportunity to film Andy Hoffman, at the University of Michigan Ross School of Management, regarding market opportunities in a carbon-constrained world.  He frames the discussion in a purely apolitical manner – regulation is emerging at the state, federal and international levels that will dictate corporate carbon emissions; the question for you […]

Only the truth sounds like the truth

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released their October jobs report and the numbers are pretty sobering – 6.5% unemployment rate, up 2 points from a year ago and a 14 year high – a net employment loss in the U.S. of almost 250,000 jobs.  Here’s Howard Behar’s advice to CEOs and senior leaders out there: […]

Save the World at Work

Addition – Jan 23, 2009 – you must see Tim tell this.  Click here to check it out. Tim Sanders mailed me a copy of his newest book recently and you must pick this up.  Aside from providing thoughtful, actionable ideas on how we can all join what he calls “The Responsibility Revolution” it has […]

Remembering Bill Santelmann: Excellence and Passion

My great uncle Bill Santelmann was director of the Marine Corps Band from 1940-1955, and thereafter kept up a rigorous schedule performing and guest-conducting around the world.  He was known for bringing to the band an even higher level of excellence and repertoire than those preceding him, including his own father William Santelmann, who was […]

Your right brain might save your job

When you were a kid (maybe you still are), you had to memorize multiplication tables, the boiling point of water, and maybe even the periodic table.  This kind of rote learning is giving way to outcomes-based education which favors deeper understandings of relationships and greater emphasis on results, not methodology or routinization.  Dan Pink argues […]

Where do you spend your time?

Does this sound familiar? – “I’m incredibly busy right now juggling multiple projects and numerous deadlines.  Things are just really crazy.  Everyone I work with is flat-out and working under constant stress to accomplish our goals.  But our work is important and once we get through this current push, there will be time in maybe […]

Be aware of your emotional wake

Recently I enjoyed an afternoon interviewing and filming Susan Scott, author of Fierce Conversations. She had several important stories and lessons that stick with me today but in particular her awareness of “emotional wake” was poignant. Your emotional wake is the psychological ripples you leave which imprint every interaction and relationship, and can have relationship […]